Times To See An Eye Doctor

If you have perfect vision, going to an eye doctor is probably low on your list of priorities. However, it's actually a good practice to see an eye doctor periodically throughout your life just to monitor the health of your eyes. Besides going to an eye clinic for routine examinations, there are other times to see an eye doctor. Here are some of them.

When You Have Pink Eye Or Other Infection

Pink eye often clears up on its own in a few days and medical treatment isn't always needed. Some cases are caused by viruses and others are caused by bacteria. Bacterial pink eye may need antibiotics. Since an eye infection could potentially threaten your vision, you should have infections of your eyes checked out. If your eyes have a discharge or if you wake up with material crusted on your eyelashes, you should call your eye doctor for advice on treatment.

If Your Vision Suddenly Changes

If there are any sudden changes in your eyes, you should visit an eye clinic right away in case there is a serious problem. Vision problems come on gradually, so a sudden loss of vision is concerning. If your vision is suddenly blurry or if you start seeing many floaters all at once, you should have your eyes checked to find out what is causing the problem.

When You're Diagnosed With Diabetes

Even if you don't have any problems with your vision, you should make an appointment with an eye doctor when you are diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes can cause blindness, so your eyes should be monitored for changes that can be treated during the early stages. Proper care of your eyes may slow down vision loss due to diabetes and maybe even save your vision.

Any Time You Have An Eye Injury

An eye injury is something you shouldn't try to treat yourself. If you get something in your eye and you can't flush it out with water, you should go to an eye clinic for emergency treatment. Picking or rubbing your eye could cause further damage. Instead, cover your eye with a cup or even the palm of your hand so it isn't disturbed and get professional help removing the foreign object.

If You Have Frequent Headaches And Nausea

If you read a lot for work or work on a computer, you may have headaches often. This could be due to poor vision. If you have a visual disturbance, you may even get nauseated when you read. Headache and nausea can be caused by many things, but you may want to have your vision checked. Getting glasses to correct your vision problem may put an end to your symptoms.

An eye doctor does much more than examine your eyes for glasses. He or she also treats your eyes for medical conditions and injuries. You shouldn't put off going to the eye clinic, like Northwest Ophthalmology, just because you can see well enough to read and drive. Instead, have your eyes examined periodically to make sure your eyes are healthy and free from medical problems that could slowly steal your vision.