Eyeglasses and Young Children: What Parents Need to Know

Young children sometimes develop problems with their vision, just as adults often do. Depending on the individual case, the child might need to wear prescription eyeglasses for an extended period of time or perhaps permanently. This state of affairs is often a confusing time for parents, as they are placed in an unexpected situation that is replete with emotion and anxiety. Here is some important information to help ease these fears and aid parents who find themselves in these circumstances. Read More 

When You Should Go In To See The Eye Doctor Right Away

The amount of time you should go between visits to the eye doctor will depend on many things. Your age, risks, current vision, and other factors will determine how often you should be seeing the eye doctor. This is why you want to follow the advice of your eye doctor on when you should come in. However, there are many times when you would want to see the eye doctor right away. Read More