Things To Know Concerning Cataracts

Complications with your vision might have a severe impact on your quality of life. Unfortunately, there are many different problems that your eyes might develop during the course of your life. For example, it is a common situation for individuals to develop cataracts. While common, cataracts can severely degrade a person's ability to see, and it should be treated as a serious condition.

What Factors Will Put A Person At Risk Of Developing Cataracts?

There are many different factors that can contribute to a person's risk of developing cataracts. One of the leading factors in the development of this condition will be age. Older individuals are at a far higher risk of developing this type of vision issue. In addition to age, those with a family history of cataracts will find that they are at a more likely risk of developing this issue. The best defense against this condition will be to undergo routine vision exams as this will allow the eye doctor to see the cataracts when they are in the early stages of forming.

How Long Will Cataract Surgery Take?

For those that are unfortunate enough to suffer from severe cataracts, surgery will be the only option for providing relief from the vision distortion and deterioration. While it might be intimidating to undergo cataracts surgery, it is a fairly quick procedure. Most patients will find that this entire procedure only takes a couple of hours to complete. Although, the patient will need at least a couple of days of rest to allow their eyes to heal and adjust.

Is It Possible To Need To Undergo This Surgery Multiple Times?

During the course of cataracts surgery, the lens of the eye will be replaced with an artificial one. This is due to the fact that cataracts are essentially little more than proteins that have started to collect on the lens of the eye. Typically, patients that undergo this procedure are unlikely to need the surgery done to the same eye again. However, there can be instances where the artificial lens might also become clouded, but this is not the experience for most patients as this is a rare complication.

When a person develops cataracts, they will find that their vision is likely to gradually degrade as their lens accumulates proteins. Appreciating the factors that will contribute to the development of this problem, the reality that cataracts surgery is fairly quick and that this surgery is usually only needed once. For more information or assistance, contact establishments like Cripe Stephens & Stickel.