4 Signs You Should Visit The Optometrist To Update Your Eyeglasses Prescription

Eyeglasses are a wonderful tool for people who do not have perfect vision. Glasses change the way light refracts inside your eye, allowing people with myopia or hyperopia to see clearly. Many people wear the same pair of glasses for years. However, your vision can change over time. In order for glasses to work properly, you need the right prescription. An eye doctor can write you a glasses prescription during an eye exam. Here are four signs that you should visit your optometrist for an updated glasses prescription:

1. Your glasses prescription is more than two years old.

People who wear contacts must have their prescriptions updated every year. Those who wear glasses can go up to two years before renewing their prescription. There's nothing to keep you from wearing your current pair of glasses for longer if you desire, but it's still a good idea to have your eyes checked every two years to make sure they are still in good condition.

2. Your glasses have recently broken.

Modern glasses are made from durable materials. Eyeglass lenses are commonly made of polycarbonate, a type of plastic that is more durable than glass. However, glasses can still break accidentally. If your glasses break and you need a new pair, consider updating your prescription first. Eyeglasses are an investment, and it makes sense to purchase a pair that you can wear for a long time.

3. Your glasses are blurry.

Vision changes are usually gradual; they may be so gradual that you don't realize how much your vision has changed until you visit the eye doctor. However, some people experience more noticeable vision changes than others. If you find that your glasses are blurry and you have a hard time seeing, you should schedule an eye exam right away. Your eye doctor will examine your eyes to make sure an eye disease isn't to blame for your sudden change in visual acuity. If your eyes are healthy, your optometrist will update your prescription so you can purchase a new pair of glasses that allows you to see more clearly.

4. You have noticed unusual eye discomfort or dryness.

Your eyes should not feel dry or uncomfortable on a daily basis. If your eyes suddenly become itchy, painful, or especially dry, you should schedule an eye exam. Your eye doctor can perform tests to gauge the health of your eye. They can prescribe antibiotics or medicated eye drops to treat eye infections or chronic dry eye, if necessary. For more information, contact an eye examination clinic.