How To Care For Your Eyes As You Age

Your eyes are important and allow you to see so many wonderful things. As you age though, your eyes are going to begin to fail, and your vision is going to begin to start to fail as well. Your vision may break down, and you won't be able to see as much as you did in the past. As you age, you are going to need to take better care of your eyes to prevent your vision from failing and to prevent too many other vision issues. Read on for tips to help you care for your eyes as you age.

Keep Your Eyes Moist

Your eyes can dry out with age, and with dry eyes comes stress on your vision. To keep your eyes moist and your vision in good shape, you need to add moisture to your eyes. You can do this with eye drops or do things to prevent your eyes from drying out, such as drinking enough water every day, taking breaks from tech devices, and giving your eyes a break from your contact lenses. If you have constant dry eye issues, you should talk to your optometrist about what things you can do to add moisture to your eyes.

Give Your Vision A Break

Give your eyes a break from devices, which can add stress to your eyes. If you are on a computer often or you are on another type of device often, it can stress your eyes out. It can also make it more difficult to see when you look away from these screens. Give your vision a break by looking away from these screens from time to time and allowing your eyes to focus on something else. Taking screen breaks can also help prevent astigmatisms and other vision concerns.

Stop Sleeping In Makeup

As you age, you need to be sure you are washing the makeup off of your eyes and not sleeping in makeup. If you sleep in your makeup, you could end up with eye infections and other issues such as styes in your eyes that are caused by bacteria from the makeup. 

As you age, you are going to experience a lot of different issues including with your eyes. To prevent worsening of your vision, you need to take good care of your eyes. Talk to your optometrist about what other things you can do to care for your eyes and your vision.

For more information about eye care, contact a local optometrist.