Eyeglasses and Young Children: What Parents Need to Know

Young children sometimes develop problems with their vision, just as adults often do. Depending on the individual case, the child might need to wear prescription eyeglasses for an extended period of time or perhaps permanently. This state of affairs is often a confusing time for parents, as they are placed in an unexpected situation that is replete with emotion and anxiety. Here is some important information to help ease these fears and aid parents who find themselves in these circumstances.

Fit Is Crucial

Your child must be comfortable with the fit and look of the glasses or else they may object to wearing them. You and your child might need to make several visits to the optometrist to make certain that the glasses work well in all of your child's environments, such as home and school. The glasses should not pinch the child's nose or ears and should also remain comfortably on their face in all situations without slipping down their nose.

Because children are so active, it's a good idea to have them play while wearing the eyeglasses to see if the glasses are snug and comfortable when they are moving around and having fun. The University of Nevada recommends that you also test the glasses by having the child wear them while adopting various postures. For example, glasses that fit well when a child is seated might become loose when the child is looking down.

Change Is Normal

You do not need to worry if your child needs new glasses from time to time because the optometrist has changed their prescription. As your child grows, their eyes often change in response to this growth. It's possible that a child could need a prescription adjustment every 8 to 10 months. For this reason, it's extremely important that your child has regular checkups after they get their first prescription.

Sports and Eyeglasses

Children are typically involved in various sports, whether the activity is organized or casual. Your child should not, however, play sports while wearing a standard pair of prescription glasses. The lenses of these glasses can easily break and harm your child.

If your child plays any type of sport, make sure to get them a pair of sports glasses. These specialized eyeglasses are made of materials that are far more impact resistant than normal glasses. You can even use sports glasses as a backup pair, as they are effective regardless of whether the child is playing a sport or not.