Need To Schedule An Eye Exam? 3 Signs You Should

Your eyes are very important and need proper care in order for them to be able to do their job. If you aren't taking care of your eyes, your vision will begin to suffer and you may also cause injury to your eyes, which can also impair your vision. Taking care of your eyes means that you should also be going in for routine eye exams every year to update your prescription and to ensure your eyes are healthy. Read below for some signs that it's time for you to schedule your eye exam. 

1. Your Eyes Are Itchy 

If you have itchy eyes, rubbing them may allow them to feel better temporarily, but there could be something else going on with your eyes. You may have an eye infection, or your eyes may be sore and tired from the extra work and stress you have been putting on them. If you have itchy eyes, you need to make an eye appointment with the optometrist to rule out an eye infection or a stye, as well as to rule out any other health concerns. If you have tired eyes that make them feel itchy, you may be straining them too much, which may require you to update your prescription, or just give your eyes more of a break.

2. You Have Tension Headaches

If you are experiencing tension headaches often, it could be due to the stress and strain on your eyes. If you are straining to see, or you look at a computer screen all day long, it could be causing these headaches. Eye strain can lead to a number of issues, including headaches, soreness in the neck or upper shoulders, or pressure on the back of the head or behind the eyes from the strain. Make an appointment to have your eyes examined in the event you need to update your prescription.

3. Your Vision Is Blurred

If you have begun to notice blurred vision, or you are straining for a better view of anything these days, it could be that your vision has begun to deteriorate and it will only deteriorate more rapidly if you do not update your prescription and instead allow yourself to squint and strain to see.

If you have issues with your vision, it's time to make an eye appointment for a routine eye exam and checkup. Make your appointment today if you've noticed these or other vision/eye issues.

Contact a local optometry service to learn more.