Protecting Your Eyes This Summer: What You Need To Know

Summer is coming and you're probably prepping by painting your toenails, buying new summer clothes and maybe even trying to lose a few pounds, but have you thought about your eyes? Your eyes are going to need to be summer ready and protected in order to prevent damage this summer. If you haven't given your eyes any thought, you need to start. Read on for everything you need to know to protect your eyes this summer. Read More 

Eye Debris: What To Know About Those Annoying Floaters

Some people are so accustomed to seeing spots in their field of vision that they get used them. For others, vision is so affected that driving and other activities that depend on clear vision are seriously curtailed. While floaters are not necessarily a sign of anything dangerous, they are undoubtedly annoying. Read on to find out what these bits of debris are and what can be done about them. What are Floaters? Read More 

Why Getting New Glasses Without Your Optometrist’s Help Isn’t A Good Idea

There are many ways that a person can get eyeglasses made for them in this day and age. You can order directly from a manufacturer, buy online, or go to your optometrist's office. However, if you're leaving your optometrist out of the equation, you might be setting yourself up for a problem. Here's why you should always consult with your optometrist when getting glasses. Careful Crafting  When your glasses are made, they need to have a series of measurements that are perfectly followed. Read More 

3 Underlying Reasons For Blurry Vision

The occasional episode of blurry vision is usually not a problem. This can be caused by eye fatigue, dry eyes, or the need for a fresh pair of contact lenses. When blurry vision is more than the occasional nuisance, it is time to figure out the underlying problem. Chronic Diseases Blurry vision may not be a problem with your vision itself, but may be caused by systemic diseases. For example, hypertension and diabetes can eventually affect your vision. Read More 

Things To Know Concerning Cataracts

Complications with your vision might have a severe impact on your quality of life. Unfortunately, there are many different problems that your eyes might develop during the course of your life. For example, it is a common situation for individuals to develop cataracts. While common, cataracts can severely degrade a person's ability to see, and it should be treated as a serious condition. What Factors Will Put A Person At Risk Of Developing Cataracts? Read More